While many diamonds are spread too shallow or cut too deep to retain weight from the original rough - at a dramatic sacrifice of potential Brilliance, Fire & Scintillation - a Signature Diamond is cut to precise angles and proportions to maximize the radiant light and sparkle that emerges from the top.


Diamonds cut to the proper proportions will reflect and refract light in a vivid display of Brilliance, Scintillation and Fire.


Diamonds cut too shallow will leak light through the bottom (Fisheye).


Diamonds cut too deep will appear dark to the eye (Nail-head).


With a narrower set of acceptable proportions than even GIA Excellent and AGS Ideal cut diamonds, every Signature Diamond consistantly delivers a bigger, brighter and whiter appearance. Compare any two Signature Diamonds and you will notice how remarkably similar they are in their proportions, polish and symmetry. Very few brands in the world today can achieve such exacting standards - every diamond, every time.


The precise angles of the Signature Diamond facets give it the largest diameter possible while efficiently reflecting light through the top, avoiding light leakage and the "fisheye" effect. The Signature Diamond will appear even larger than most other GIA Excellent and AGS Ideal cut diamonds.


The extreme Brilliance of the Signature Diamond is the result of white light reflected through the top of the diamond. This phenomenon causes Signature Diamonds to appear one or two color grades better than its actual GIA color classification.


When a diamond is cut to Signature proportions, all of the light entering from any direction is completely reflected through the top (Brilliance) and is dispersed into a display of sparkling flashes (Scintillation) and rainbow colors (Fire). Inside a diamond, the facets acts like mirrors. The carefull arrangement of facets to achieve maximum Brilliance balanced by Fire and accented by Scintillation are the secret to the dazzling brightness of Signature Diamonds.


Carat weight is the easiest aspect of diamond to undersatnd. One carat equals to 200 milligrams in weight. 1.00 carat is sometimes expressed as 100 points (0.75 ct. = 75 points, 1/2 ct. = 50 points). Because Signature Diamonds are of superior cut, even a diamond of lesser weight maintains a higher value than inferior cuts.


Most diamonds, although appearing colorless, actually have slight tones of yellow or brown. As these tones become more apparent, the rarity and value decreases.


Because diamonds form under tremendous heat and pressure, it is extremely rare to find a diamond that lacks any internal and external characteristics.

The size, nature, location and amount of such inclusions determine a diamonds's clarity grade and affect its value.


Brilliant beyond compare, the Signature Diamond is the result of a 15-year study conducted by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The GIA project was the first scientific study ever to focus on the cut of a diamond. combining state-of-the-art computer modeling and observational testing by diamond and gem experts.


Cut precisely to a very narrow set of standards chosen specifically to achieve a bigger, brighter, whiter appearance, every Signature Diamond achieves the highest GIA grade for proportions, symmetry and polish. Other diamonds receiving cut grade of GIA Excellent, or AGS 000 Ideal, may be cut to a much looser set of standards.

To ensure quality, value and peace of mind, each diamond is laser inscribed with the GIA certificate number and Signature Diamond logo. Your Signature Diamond may also be personalized upon your request with your own unique inscription.